Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Further Along

This past weekend I learned of another family in my town who's daughter has been diagnosed with cancer.  I checked out their CaringBridge website, and read through from the beginning.  Reading about their heartbreak, the sickness, the fear, and the extremely difficult beginnings of chemotherapy...well, it brought back a lot of horrific memories. (You hear about war vets who have flashbacks--well, I have them, too. And let me tell you, they aren't much fun).

I can remember sitting in the hospital and seeing families who were obviously much further along in treatment than we were.  I can remember thinking, "Oh, why can't that be us?  I just want to be done with this!"  And now, I see others at the very painful beginning, and I am grateful that it's not us back there.  I am glad to be "further along", even though we still have 76 weeks to go!

Don't get me wrong, I still wish we were done.  Just this week I screamed in my head, "Okay God.  We're done now.  Can we have our real life back now?"  But still, I am thankful to be "further along".

Please keep the Dison family in your prayers...they desperately need them!  You can keep up with their journey here.

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