Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walking On The Edge Of Life

The world keeps moving forward, as time stands still for me,
I am the kid with Cancer, locked in battle to be free.
For all us kids on chemo, our lives are put on hold,
As we fight to stay alive, our chances good, we're told.
Our attitude is courage, we live this life each day,
Just waiting for tomorrow, praying cancer goes away.
Walking on the edge of life, we’re never looking down,
United here in front of you, until a cure is found.

©2007 By Lorna Mahan & Sinjin Andrukates

This week we were in Memphis, at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  I saw miniature warriors and pint-sized super heros all around.  I saw kids who were happy in spite of their circumstances.  I saw kids that were screaming because they were scared at what was being done to them.  I saw kids throwing up because their treatments were making them sick.  I saw kids walking on the edge of life.

Reading this poem and thinking about these magnificent children makes me cry.  And then I smile, because I look up at my own superhero.  I remember how today she did SO GOOD when she had to have x-rays done, even though she was so nervous she wanted to throw up (and knowing this is a routine occurence, that of having to do things that make her so nervous she wants to throw up).  Three cheers for my superhero, and all the others, too!

Source: Child With Cancer, Cancer Poems http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/sad/poetry.asp?poem=18624#ixzz1TLCUmSN1
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