Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Big Picture

How's 2012 working for you?  I hope your year has started off with a bang.  There were a lot of ups and downs in 2011, for my family as well as yours, I'm sure.  Hearing quite a few people talk about being glad to see the end of 2011 got me to thinking...why?

Yes, some bad things may have happened in 2011.  But why assume that it was a bad year because of that?  2011 wasn't that bad for us.  Now, 2010 was much worse!  Our 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  The worst year ever, right?  Except, I know some people who had amazing things happen to them that year.  So, the best year ever???

Image DetailI don't think I can blame a year on the bad or the good.  And I'm not silly enough to believe that just because the calendar changed means that things are going to "start looking up".  We have to look at the big picture, take the good with the bad, and find the silver lining.  Do you agree?

Only by looking at things this way do we see how very small we really are.  For me, being aware of my insignifigance plays a major part in being happy.  It doesn't really matter if my day was a bit crappy; things will get better.  It doesn't matter if my kids woke me up three times through the night, or if I gained 5 pounds.  There's always tomorrow.

If you find that you're feeling so down that you've got the New Year Humdrums, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate.  Find something bigger than yourself--a charity, or a ministry.  And I already know there will be some to read this and say, "What is she talking about?"  That's okay, too.  After all, these are my ramblings, and as long as I understand them, what else matters?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cancer Poetry Project

The Cancer Poetry Project is a really cool project that I ran across while surfing the net.  A book compiled of poems, the mission of the project is to "capture the cancer experience".  Some of the poems I read were sad, and some happy.  They were all written by cancer patients, or their families. 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

by Terri Hanson

Image DetailI stood outside on a windy day
and ran my fingers through my hair.
Long strands of silky threads
blew across the lawn.
They glistened in the sun,
too many to count.

I imagined a nest,
lined with my mane,
woven by a mama bird.
The babies nestled,
snug inside,
warmed by my fallen tresses.

Now on the wintry nights,
when my head is cold,
I pull my wool cap
over my ears and smile
as I dream of baby birds
sleeping in my hair.

Have you faced cancer in one form or another?  There is an open call for poetry submissions that will run through 4/30/2012.  Check it out here!

You can purchase a copy of last year's edition at amazon, or directly from the project's website (link above).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin!

This month marks the one year countdown to Emma's No Mo Chemo celebration!  I know, I know.  One year seems like an eternity to you all.  Why am I already gearing up for the end?

Let me tell you what!  One year sounds like the blink of an eye...a vapor...completely doable!  We got Emma's "roadmap" for the following year from her doctors in Memphis a few weeks ago.  It felt like a huge milestone.  A year and a half has come and gone, and the last leg of our journey has arrived.

For the next year Emma will get a chemo pill every day.  EVERY DAY!  That really stinks, but we're all okay with it, because after that, we're through.  So let the countdown begin!  We'll see you at the finish line :)

Image Detail

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Give A Chemo Duck

One day while we were at our local mall we saw posters for a "Chemo Duck Walk".  We didn't really know what it was, but it got me curious so I checked out the website.  I found such a nifty little program, and so this month I'm going to share it with you!

WHO WE ARE:  Gabe's Chemo Duck Program

WHAT WE DO: Gabe’s My Heart was established to assist family members being treated for childhood cancer. When a child is diagnosed with cancer the whole family suffers, and everyone requires personalized healing. Gabe’s My Heart offers therapeutic play tools and education to assist every member of the family.  A "Chemo Duck" is given to the child, with a port or line (where the kids receive their chemo, blood transfusions, etc.), and other various "cancer" accessories.  These are matched to each individual child, but might include a cast, or a hat, etc.

HOW TO DONATE:  You can host a fundraiser (like the chemo duck walk at our mall), or donate here!