Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cancer Poetry Project

The Cancer Poetry Project is a really cool project that I ran across while surfing the net.  A book compiled of poems, the mission of the project is to "capture the cancer experience".  Some of the poems I read were sad, and some happy.  They were all written by cancer patients, or their families. 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

by Terri Hanson

Image DetailI stood outside on a windy day
and ran my fingers through my hair.
Long strands of silky threads
blew across the lawn.
They glistened in the sun,
too many to count.

I imagined a nest,
lined with my mane,
woven by a mama bird.
The babies nestled,
snug inside,
warmed by my fallen tresses.

Now on the wintry nights,
when my head is cold,
I pull my wool cap
over my ears and smile
as I dream of baby birds
sleeping in my hair.

Have you faced cancer in one form or another?  There is an open call for poetry submissions that will run through 4/30/2012.  Check it out here!

You can purchase a copy of last year's edition at amazon, or directly from the project's website (link above).


  1. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing it, Katie.

  2. A really sad poem which still made me smile in the end, Katie. This is a cool project. Will you be participating in it?

  3. What a sad and lovely poem. And a cool project.

  4. It IS a great idea, Kelly. I was glad to find it :) I have submitted a poem myself, and look forward to hearing about it!

    I actually didn't find the poem sad at all. Hmmm...

  5. Thankfully, I have not faced cancer straight on in my life as of yet and hope I never do. Nonetheless, this was a beautiful and heartwarming poem. I hope you are planning on participating as I'm sure you have lots of poems in your head on the subject and what you and your daughter have been going through.
    Oh, I just read your response to Kelly that said you submitted a poem... I wish you lots of luck with it!!