Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grumble Grumble

Do you have a complaint? A grumble? Something that's bugging you?

I've done my fair share of grumbling, especially lately, but then I got to thinking. Sometimes it's best to keep it to myself.

I don't mean we never have the right to whine a bit. We all need to let it out from time to time, but this post is to remind others (and myself) to be mindful of what they say and when. There is a time for everything, and that means sometimes it ISN'T the time.

When Emma was in the hospital in the beginning, I had to stay completely off social media sites. Why? Because I couldn't take one more person's whiney post about the "troubles" in their lives (usually troubles they'd put on themselves) while my daughter was fighting for her very next breath. I didn't want to read about anyones disappointment that their boyfriend had to work overtime, or how someone got a bad haircut. I wanted to shout, "Some people have REAL problems!".

This week there was something called the Fiddler's Convention in our town. We like to go, but this year we couldn't. I almost--almost!--posted on a certain social media network about how I wanted to go and was sad we weren't, but then I remembered how I felt when people posted their menial whines in the past. I decided not to post. Then I got online and relief washed over me that I hadn't posted my grumbles.

One friend had posted an update on her 10-day-old infant who is in NICU and on oxygen, and who is facing open heart surgery. One friend had posted an update on her father's funeral. And yet another friend had posted an update of her visit with the funeral home after she'd made arrangements for her 10-year-old son.

I don't have any real problems, not right now anyway. I encourage us all to cut out our grumbles and just be thankful! What are you thankful for today?


  1. Katie, wow. Thanks, your post is so right on. Complaining is most of the time perspective thwarted by self-centered thinking. I know that, but reminders are always welcome. God help me never to grumble or gripe, I have nothing to really gripe about.
    If it's really worth a grumble, then it needs instead a prayer.

    1. Hi Damon! Thanks for stopping by, and I agree, prayer is better ; ).

  2. I had good news today, so once again, I'm thankful for my amazing agent.

  3. Yay for good news, Kelly! Hope we get to learn what it is soon ; ).

  4. I feel like this alot.. i always say to myself- As bad as things are they can always get worse, and treasure what you have.. When my son was first diagnosed with ALL I thought our world had ended but then spending time in the RCH I see all these families and my heart goes out to them, I know what my son has, and is going through is awful, horrible evil thing and I would give anything to take it away but there are people that have it so much worse.. Xx