Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear God...

Dear God,

My name is Mother. I have a dear child you’ve given me, and this dear child is ill. She is so very sick, and yet she is so very small. She cannot fight this fight on her own, God. Unfortunately I cannot fight the fight for her.

There are tubes taped to my dear child’s body, God—tubes in her chest, tubes in her hands, tubes down her throat—so many tubes. She seems so very alone.

You are the creator, God. You could take this sickness away. You could take all sickness away. You are the great physician. Still, you choose not to. Why, God?

Please help my child, God. She is too small to fight on her own. She is your child, too, I know, and as her father, you surely love her more than I do. Please ease her suffering, and help her to persevere. You are the only one who can save her. I am putting my trust in you and your goodness. Please don’t let me down.




Dear Mother,

I am your father, God. Yes, I know of your dear child. You see, I knew her before she was formed in the womb. I knew of the trials she would face. I see what you cannot—your dear child is special! I have assigned her a special task for my plan, one that only she can perform. She can reach hearts that you cannot. She can make an impact on souls that a healthy adult never could.

You say she is alone, but she is not. Surrounding her bed, and all those tubes, are angels. The angels hold back a dark tempest, but there is no need to fear. They are heavenly angels, and they are stronger than any tempest that illness can give. They are fueled by the prayers of your family and friends, prayers that haven’t ceased.

I am with your dear child, and I am not going anywhere. I know that you are afraid, but I can bear your burden. You may not see what tomorrow holds, but that is okay. Whatever my plan holds I will be with you. Never fear to bring your worries, your questions, or your anger before me. My love never fails you, and it never fails your dear child, either.

I hope to hear from you again soon.


Your Heavenly Father,



  1. Katie, you made me cry again. That's just beautiful.

  2. Thanks Kelly (and sorry for making you cry!).

  3. I needed to see this today. Thanks for writing. My son is in remission but still on chemo, which makes him oh so sick. It stinks that he's spent the last year- and-a-half sick and lost part of his precious childhood, but I am reminded once again that God has a bigger plan and I can trust him.

  4. Hi again, Jet's Mom! :) Yes, God does have a bigger plan, even when we don't see it or want it. Again, I hope your son is doing well!