Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bald Barbie!


You may or may not be aware of a recent Facebook campaign that's been sweeping the nation.  Parents of children with cancer have been after Mattel, the maker of Barbie, to create a bald Barbie.  They argued that this would help young girls who lose their hair to better cope, and deal with their hair loss.

Mattel finally listened, to their credit.  They have announced they will produce a bald friend of Barbie, which will come with hats and other head covering accessories.  It will come out in 2013, and be distributed soley through children's hospitals and treatment centers.

At first I thought Emma wouldn't be at all interested in this.  She was scared of her own hair loss, and refused to look in the mirror.  But when I told her about the Barbie she was very excited!  She said she hopes she can get one, and I'm sure she will :)

It is a wonderful show of recognition for children with cancer everywhere.  So many people are afraid to talk about pediatric cancer, like it's a hex or something.  If they talk about it, it might happen to them.  This is a much needed acknowledgement of our children's struggles.  So, thanks Mattel!

Here is the article released by Mattel, in case you're interested in learning more!


  1. Good for Mattel! And thanks for sharing this info.

  2. I did hear about this. Good for Mattel.

  3. Barbie is now also about inner-strength beauty. :) Something to cheer girls who're struggling with cancer treatments on.

  4. My daughter was just telling me about this. I think it's great. So glad Mattel finally came around.

  5. Yes, I'm thankful Mattel finally came around (even if they were bullied into it!). I think it will help kids who feel ostresized and different, feel accepted and beautiful, too.

    One point for Mattel! :)