Tuesday, March 27, 2012

National Children's Cancer Society

This month's charity highlight is a wonderful organization that is really there for families going through pediatric cancer.  They help out in whatever way they can--be it financially, emotionally, or mentally.  Not only can families in need apply for assistance (for medical supplies, treatments, gas money to and from doctor's visits, etc), but if you know someone who is going through pediatric cancer and who needs assistance, you can refer them!

They also provide things like social workers, in-person support groups, tutoring help, after treatment education, and online forums.

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WHO WE ARE: The National Children's Cancer Society

WHAT WE DO: (taken from their website) The mission of The National Children's Cancer Society is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families worldwide.
We serve as a financial, emotional and educational resource for those in need at every stage of illness and recovery. In the United States, we ease the financial burdens that accompany major illness, give crucial support and address the challenges of survivorship. Abroad, we provide lifesaving pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies to facilities that treat children with cancer.

HOW TO APPLY (or refer a family): Click here to apply!

HOW TO HELP: Clicke here to donate!


  1. A very worthwhile organization. Thanks for highlighting it.

  2. It is worthwhile, Ruth! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Sounds like a great organization, Katie.

  4. Thank you so much for bringing to light the work of the Children's Cancer Society. I know for sure there was nothing like this around in England when my sister had leukaemia in 1967. Groups like this make a tremendous difference both to sufferers and to those who support them. I may have mentioned that in Barrie, Ontario we are blessed to have the second Gilda's Club in Canada, and what a place it is! I am involved because of five or six friends with cancer who go there who I support, in fact I am going to a 'low tea' with a friend of mine today. I see from the chart at the top of the page that it is less than a day until your little one is finished chemo, and I'm sure it's a time for great celebration at your house! I hope you spoil her AND yourself, because you sure deserve it. God Bless, Elizabeth.

  5. This sounds amazing, Katie! We always donate to St. Jude and other Cancer organizations. They are so deserving of the donations.

  6. It really is, Ellen!

    Elizabeth, you're right. The introduction of organizations like this is so helpful for families! Emma's chemo actually ends in a little over 9 months. That counter isn't the greatest : P You can be sure there will be lots of celebrating!

    Kelly, thank you so much for your donations to St. Jude, and other organization. They mean the world to families!

  7. Katie, you and Miranda are making me more determined to contribute to my local communities this year (or to the children in poorer regions in Southeast Asia). Thanks for sharing the links!

  8. Katie, I gave you an award on my blog. Stop by. :)

  9. Claudine, I'm sure there is at least one local charity you will find to spark your interest :) Good luck!

    Kelly, thanks for the award!

  10. This looks like a very good organization. Thanks for the great information.