Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Poem

For Emma

When you were born, I wanted nothing more than to hold you.
I cradled you, rocked you, fed you.  You were my everything.

When you were one, I taught you about the world.
We learned words and colors and shapes and games.  You were my everything.

When you were two, I showed you off proudly.
You sang boldly and quoted Luke chapter 2 to anyone who would listen.  You were my everything.

When you were three, you were my best friend.
We played together, read together, laughed together.  You were my everything.

When you were four, I cried for you.
In pain.  In trials.  In hardships.  You had seen more in your fourth year than I had in my whole life.  You were my hero.  And my everything.

Now you are five.  I smile for you.
You’ve grown.  Persevered.  Learned.  Fulfilled dreams. You are my everything.


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, touching poem.

  2. Lovely! You and Emma are lucky to have each other.

  3. Katie, that is so very touching...Emma is one fortunate little girl to have you for her Mom....(and Micheal for her Dad)....I'm so proud of you for the wonderful young woman you have become...Love you..

  4. It touches, wrings and warms the heart, this poem. Or more accurately, your Emma, and you, Katie. :)

  5. Katie I remember when you first came to Alabama, you have grown into a wonderful person with a wonderful Ministry building up others, even while you your self too needed the same, but what people do not understand when you help others the Lord is helping you. Katie this poemm is so wonderful. I wonderful what Abraham would have wrote to his son when he was about to be slain. God bless you and your family. Truly you are a Blesing to all :)

  6. Katie, you made me cry again. LOL. Our daughters are the same age. You are amazing, Katie, and so is Emma.

  7. Thank you, everyone. I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Truthfully I almost didn't publish it. It was too--personal. In the end, though, I wanted to share how I feel about Emma.

  8. How wonderful is this? No wonder you are a writer. Passion, emotion, description. Just lovely.