Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Life Lessons with Teacher Katie

teacher clip artYou can't judge a book by its cover--this is something we all know. But do we do it? Probably not, right? I was reminded of this mantra a few days ago. I was at a gas station when a very nice car pulled up. To my surprise, out climbed three women, all wearing pajamas!

I chuckled and shook my head. My first thought was, "Why would anyone go out in public in their pajamas?"

As soon as the thought formed, I remembered something. Nearly three years ago now I made a road trip to Memphis for the very first time, and yes, I was in my pajamas. It wasn't because I wanted to be comfortable for the drive, or that I had just woke up, or that I was lazy or dirty. It was because I was so out of my mind, I remember literally looking around my room wondering what on earth I should put on. I grabbed the first thing I came to, and I climbed in the car to go.

I sure am glad no one judged me based on my decision to wear bed clothes out in public.

Of course, it's probably a good guess that these three ladies weren't involved in a life or death situation. But how could I ever know? It was a good life lesson reminder--you can't judge a book by its cover!


  1. Ha, so true! I never walked out in my pajamas but have left the house with two different colored shoes before. Yikes!

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