Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spend little...Give lots!

I am super excited to combine two things I love to pay it forward to those in need.  That's right, I'm talking about couponing and the Ronald McDonald House.  We recently made the decision to start buying items to donate to the RMH on our next trip to Memphis.  We wanted to help those families who were struggling, whether new, old, or just there. 

Image DetailI remember all the months I spent there, and how my head wasn't quite screwed on straight.  I remember my skin getting so dry it peeled.  Looking back I think, why didn't I just go buy some lotion at WalMart?  The answer is because simple things like that didn't enter my mind--it was too full with life and death, medication schedules, and doctor's visits.  Occasionally very kind people would bring in loads of donations.  The donations varied, but usually consisted of things like body wash, deodorant, kid's pajamas, coloring books and crayons, baby diapers and wipes, shampoo, etc.

Along with my couponing sister, I decided to use stores' sales and coupons to stock up on items that will help other families who have the lights on but no one home.  This week I scored six large bottles of men's bodywash for $.46 a piece!  I spent $2.76 and will help up to six families. 

I encourage you all to do the same...spend a little, but give a lot.  You many not live near a RMH, but there are other charities that would gladly take your donations. Think of local children's hospitals, churches, food banks, or homeless shelters.  With that in mind, here are a few tips for couponing!

*Use the internet to look for sales, and then look for coupons on those items (this is how I scored the $.46 body wash).

*Use sites like The Krazy Coupon Lady to do all the hard work for you.  They list the store, what's on sale that week, and what coupons are available for those items.  Another site like this is Coupon Diva.

*Some of the best stores to get great deals (at least where I live) are Publix, CVS, and Walgreens.  They all have their sales ads online.

*Buy a Sunday paper.  They have the BEST coupons.

Happy couponing!


  1. Great post, Katie. My daughters and I do the same type of shopping - stocking up all year long to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The better deals you get, the more people you can help. It's so much fun =)

  2. What a great idea, Katie! My husband does the food shopping and he's coupon crazy. LOL

  3. That's a great idea, Ruth! (and congrats on the new agent!)

    Kelly, it's definitely easy to get coupon crazy :D

  4. Hi Katie, I don't quite understand how coupon-ing works (we certainly don't save that much with our coupons over here in Singapore ... and most of them aren't tied to charities). But you sound like you're having lots of fun with this, and isn't it great when what you love doing can also help someone else? Six families ~ whoo hoo!

  5. Yes, Claudine, it is great! Thanks for stopping by :)