Monday, December 5, 2011

There's A Monkey In My Chair!

Yikes!  Have you ever seen a monkey in your chair?  Emma has one in hers, but he only makes an apperance in her kindergarten class, and only when Emma can't go to school because of chemo and doctor's visits!

This month's charity highlight is a really cool project, and one that brings smiles to young kids with cancer everywhere.

WHO ARE THEY?  They are a beneficial program dedicated to helping kids with cancer feel connected to their classmates and friends, even when they're away.

HOW THEY STARTED:  There's a Monkey in my Chair was originally started by a little girl named Chloe, and her mother.  Chloe had to spend lots of time away from school for cancer treatment.  From the Our Hero website: Chloe was fun-loving, free spirited girly girl. She loved dancing, singing, everything pink and everything monkeys! Chloe is the inspiration behind the program, There's a Monkey in my Chair, which helps children battling cancer with their absence from the classroom.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Go to their website to donate today.  You can sponsor a "kit" which will be sent to a deserving child.  You will brighten their day!  How cool is that?


  1. Found you on She Writes! too and was reading your blog. I have a friend who has a 6 y o in treatment right now, I worked for the ACS for 8 yrs and still work in the oncology field. J am certain a lot of parents find strength and hope from your blog.

  2. So glad to meet you, Elizabeth. It is my hope that people do find strength here...thank YOU for your work in the oncology field! And thanks for stopping by : )

  3. What a wonderful organization! I donated a monkey kit! Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful thing we can do for a child to hopefully brighten their day and make what they are going through just a little bit better. I hope Emma is doing good!

  4. Oh, Al, I'm so glad! Thank you for helping these children. It's so uplifting! BTW, I've been meaning to let you know I bought your book for Emma for Christmas : )

  5. Very cool project! Will be checking out the online donation today. Emma looks lovely in that shot. =)

  6. Hi Katie, My sister had leukaemia when I was only ten and she was thirteen. In Barrie we are fortunate to have a Gilda's Club, which is only the second Gilda's Club in Canada. I support three friends who go there and really appreciate all the wonderful work Gilda's does. In January I am going to teach a class on journalling there. I hope you continue to write - it is obviously a part of who you are, and it will enrich your soul as take care of your precious little one. God Bless, Elizabeth Young.

  7. Claudine, that is great! Trust me when I say the kids really love it.

    Hi Elizabeth. I have never heard of a Gilda Club. I will definitely look it up! The journalling class sounds wonderful. I wish you luck!

  8. What a wonderful organization. And doesn't Emma look just adorable with her monkey!

  9. Katie,

    Oh that's so nice, I hope Emma likes the book! Let me know! And thanks for buying it, makes me smile!

  10. Hello there,

    I found your profile on Elance. I work with companies to write ESL books in Korea. I am looking for writers for a project that is coming up. Would you be interested? If so, can you email me at

    I also see that you love Jesus. That's a plus for me.


  11. Hi, Katie! Found you on She Writes-Southern Writers. Am wondering how we didn't connect with Rach's writing campaign...there were so many of us! I write picture books, too! Currently on the hunt for the special agent / or publisher for my PB, Little Acorn's Big Fall. You can check out my blog if you're interested in seeing my latest adventure with

    It's nice to meet you! And you have an adorable daughter. Love the monkey organization. Will check out there website!!!

  12. Hi Katie,

    I work for The Cure Starts Now Foundation, who oversees Monkey in My Chair, and I wanted to thank you for highlighting our program. If you ever need any materials or anything to spread the word about the program, please let me know! You can reach me via email at

    Well wishes for Emma :)

    Thank you,

  13. Hi Katie,

    Found your site via SheWrites. I, too, am a Southern writer. I live no more than an hour or so from you in southern middle Tennessee. I write about some of my experiences living on a farm on my blog,

    Your blog is terrific, your child inspirational! Glad to make your acquaintance.


  14. Hi Im a cancer mum too. My 6 year old is starting Kinder this year, hopefully by Term 2. I heard about your program and want to implement it in my sons school. Can you help? i need more info about whats in the kit and some tips to help him on his little journey through Kinder while he continues treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. My email is Thanks.