Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thanks For Being You

My dear friend Katrina Delallo recently gave me the Thanks For Being You Award. Thanks Cat!

The Rules?
1. Thank the person who gave you the award (done!)
2. Give us 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer 11 questions
4. Tell us 7 more things about yourself (I'm totally cheating on this one--no one wants to know 18 random facts about good ole me)
5. Tag someone else (I'm tagging you all and just ask that you comment and give me a random fact :) )

Random Facts (there may or may not be 11-18):

1. I like ice cream. A lot.
2. I don't care for music. Any music. If I had to choose some music as my favorite, I'd pick Christmas music.
3. I'd rather read a good children's book over a grown-up novel any day.
4. I'm so heartwrenchingly thankful for my children, and I don't understand those who aren't.
5. I love decorating cakes, which I learned to do while working at Baskin Robbins in high school (hence the love for ice cream, see #1).

Okay, enough about that. Now here are the answers to my eleven questions:

1.) What's the first book you ever read?--I couldn't say for sure, but I'm thinking either "Morris Goes To School" or "Harry Has A Horse".
2.) What's a movie you saw as a little ikkle kid, forgot about, and when you saw it again as an adult you remembered the whole plot in a sort of gosh-I-know-what's-going-to-happen-next kind of way?--I really couldn't say, but favorite little kid movies were "The Princess Bride" and the "Home Alone" movies.
3.) If you weren't what you were now (such as a writer, mother, accountant) what would you want to be?--Cake decorator ;)
4.) What's your favourite hobby?--Baking.
5.) What looks greyer to you? THIS spelling of gray, or this spelling of grey?--Gray.
6.) How do you pronounce tomato? Toe-mah-toe, or toe-may-toe?--I actually think I say tuh-may-toe.
7.) Do you secretly wish you were a hobbit?--Nope. While I loved LOTR, I mostly liked the human characters best.
8.) Would you rather be an elf?--Nope (see #7).
9.) Do you prefer British or American spellings of the words honour/honor, colour/color, tyre/tire, laser/lazer, aluminium/aluminum?--American.
10.) What's your idea of fun?--Hanging out with friends and family. I don't care what we're doing.
11.) How many times can you say the words, "Irish wristwatch?" (Bet you can't even say it once. Not fast, anyway.)--I tried it out loud, and I only did it once! LOL
Again, I'm not tagging any particular person, but I hope everyone will leave a comment with either a random fact about yourself, or an answer to any of the above 11 questions. Good getting to know you!


  1. A cake decorator sounds so pretty (pretty lady making pretty cakes in a pretty dainty shop ...). I might be a painter (colour-pencils or poster/acrylic), or a cafe-bakery owner. :)

  2. I cheated when I posted my response to Kat's award. This award has so many rules! It's sweet though. Congrats.

  3. Oh, I like cake decorating too, although I haven't done much of it since my kids have grown. So, is this where the idea for your cupcake story came from?

    1. The idea actually came from a dream (believe it or not!), but it was groomed out of my love for cake decorating and baking :)

  4. I'd be a singer!! However, since I have a horrible voice guess that ones out. Guess I'll just have to keep dreaming.