Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Day Ever

In case there's one person left on the planet who hasn't seen the picture of me with my very own upcoming book, here it is.

I was euphoric when I got the package in the mail, and I kept thinking, "This is the best day ever!" So then I got to thinking about all of the best days I've had...getting married, having my girls, getting that first acceptance from a book publisher (okay, any acceptance, not just a first).

But you know what? I've had a day that trumped all of those hands down. Even trumped them all rolled into one.

The day I looked at the doctor and said, "So does that mean she's in remission?" and the doctor smiled and said, "Yes, it means she's in remission."

That was...wow. How to describe it? It was like:

winning the Super Bowl
going to France
having a book published
saving the world
discovering a long lost fortune
having the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD lifted off your shoulders
and yes, getting married, having babies, and getting books published

And it was all of those things rolled into one.

I remember the day so well, we were in the hospital, and knew we would be there for at least three more days. It had been a very long, very hard 8 weeks. The hospital room was the size of a walk-in closet, and I mean that literally. St. Jude's rooms aren't known for their size.

We'd had a full day of testing, and we'd been waiting eagerly and anxiously for the results. Our regular doctor had to go out of the country before the results were in, so one of the other oncologists brought us the news. I suddenly didn't mind everything we'd just gone through--not the loss of memory, loss of bodily function control, loss of walking ability, throwing up, tears, and pain. My little girl had done it. She'd beaten cancer.



  1. Beyond lovely. Congrats, Katie, to you and your family. :)

  2. Made me cry again! Praise God!

    1. Oh no! Didn't mean to make anyone cry :)

  3. Katie, I'm so happy for you. There aren't even words to describe it. :D

  4. Katie, I giggled at your opening line and then smiled and smiled and felt so touched by the end of your post. Enjoy all your BEST DAYS & keep them coming!

  5. That would be the Best Day Ever indeed. Yay hurray for your Emma! :)