Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Time is a tricky thing.  We always think it will be there for us, but in truth, time waits for no man.

I thought I had time with Emma.  I haven't said this too often, but before Emma was diagnosed, I KNEW something was wrong with her.  Even when her doctor said it wasn't anything serious, I mean it when I say I literally KNEW that it was.  I just figured I had time, I would bring her back again and again until we got our answers.

But I didn't have time.  Cancer wasn't waiting for me to get my ducks in a row.  Her tumor didn't slow its growth until I was ready to deal with it.

I learned my lesson there, so today when we get the opportunity to do something fun with our kids, we take it.  When we get the opportunity to serve, we do it.  That opportunity might not be there tomorrow, or truthfully, we might not be here tomorrow to take it. 

I don't want any regrets...at least not where time is concerned.

What about you?  Has something happened in your life to show you that time is one of your greatest assets?

Time Is  by Henry Van Dyke
Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.


  1. I've never had a moment like you, in such a serious way, how precious time is. But I felt it a bit when my Nono died, and then when a very dear old priest (about 96 years of age) died. I regretted that I hadn't found the time to see them one last time before they died.

  2. Katie, my regrets are that I haven't spent enough 'nicer' time with my family (but luckily, we still have now to start and we're going well), and that I'd wasted a chunk of my adolescence not liking myself enough to go after the things I wanted, and to glow brighter than I ought to have.

  3. Yes Cat, I can definitely see wanting MORE time. Thanks for sharing!

    Claudine, there is no better time then the present! : )

  4. Katie,

    I can relate. When my dad was still at home, caring for him was so demanding and overwhelming that I didn't always just enjoy the fact that we were together. Now that he's in a nursing home and I can only see him once a week, every minute we have together is precious. And those visits with him are the highlight of every week for me.

  5. Sometimes I think time is one of our biggest enemies. We can fight it. We are powerless against it. But that doesn't mean we can't make the best use of our time. TIme reminds us of what's most important in life. So in some ways, it teaches us to live our lives better.