Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Losing Weight [of the emotional kind]

A few years ago, when we were staying in the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, our little family was playing in the "game room". A teen boy and his father came in to hang out. They were waiting for the shuttle to pick them up and take them to the grocery store.

At some point, the conversations turned to the fact that we had a car. You see, we don't live far enough away that it warrants flying to Memphis, so we have to drive. This particular family's situation was the opposite--which meant they had flown into town and were without a car. The father began telling us how terrible it was to rely on the hospital shuttle for things like going to the grocery store. Both I and my husband got the distinct impression he was asking for a ride...without actually asking.

For whatever reason, neither of us offered said ride. The man eventually got a little huffy and puffy, and left the game room.

Looking back, this moment fills me with guilt and shame. Oh sure, we had lots of reasons to NOT help. What if we needed our car? What if Emma needed to go to the hospital for something (and this was a legitimate concern, as these kids can literally be A-OK one minute and extremely sick the next)? We couldn't offer a ride...could we?

We talked about this man recently, remembering how we had the means to help but didn't. We decided that if we were ever in the same situation again, we would definitely help. The Bible tells us to not withhold good when it is in our power to give it. I had to let go of my guilt over the situation--truthfully, it wasn't that big of an issue. He got his ride to the grocery store and all was well. But.

Do you have any "silly" regrets like this? Any resolve to not let it happen again? Share them here and we can help each other learn :).